Komsic: Croat leader has a problem with Bosniaks, not me


Croat leader Dragan Covic has a problem with Bosniaks and it can be said he is responsible for my victory. His approach also made many Croats vote for me, the leading candidate for Bosnia’s Presidency member from the Croat people said.

Democratic Front’s candidate Zeljko Komsic told the Croat Democratic Union’s leader Dragan Covic that his approach irritated enough Bosnian Croats to the point where they refused to cast their votes.

“In fact, he doesn’t have a problem with me, at all. The problem is that I won the presidency seat and not him. But this is the least of his problems compared to the one he has in his head and politics,” Komsic said. “In fact, he has a problem with Bosniaks and he doesn’t even hide it when he speaks. His approach irritated enough people to tell him that he can’t go on like that. He also irritated enough Croats ho didn’t even exit the polls so not even they voted for him.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina held a general election on Sunday, October 7, where the citizens voted for three Presidency members, the state and entity parliaments and cantonal assemblies in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity.

According to the state election watchdog, the future three presidency members are Sefik Dzaferovic, from among the Bosniak people, Zeljko Komsic from among the Croat people and Milorad Dodik from among the Serb people.

However, Komsic’s legitimacy is contested by all the major Croat parties in the country saying that his election is not legitimate because he was not elected by Croats, but by Bosniaks.

Komsic added that “Covic’s policy of rejecting Bosniaks had disappointed his own people.”

“The man is taking a completely wrong path. My concept of Bosnia is completely different from the one we have right now. Everything he announced so far, in terms of political crises can only lead to him being the victim of the entire political process which he had started,” he concluded.

The leading Croat Presidency candidate called on everyone supporting such ideas to stop what they were doing because they are only going to harm themselves.  

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