Bosnia's replies to EU's accession questionnaire submitted for final approval

Source: N1

Bosnia's answers to the 655 follow up questions from the European Commission’s pre-accession questionnaire have been compiled and submitted to the Sarajevo government for final approval before sending them to Brussels, head of the State Directorate for European Integration, Edin Dilberovic, told Srna news agency on Tuesday.

“We have submitted the final replies to the Council of Ministers and local governments at all levels, in local languages and in English, and now they have to confirm them,” Dilberovic said.

Local authorities are expected to formally approve the country’s replies within a three-day deadline, after which they would be sent to Brussels, to the European Commission.

Answering the European Commission’s questionnaire is part of the application process for any country wishing to become a candidate for EU membership. The questions concern local legislation and are designed to assess the level of reforms needed for the country to become fully aligned with EU legislation.

The original questionnaire sent in December 2016 had more than 3,200 questions, with Sarajevo submitting its replies in February 2018. Four months later, the European Commission sent back 655 follow-up questions for the Bosnian government.

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