Science sector union: Strike is taking on general nature

NEWS 22.11.201914:45

Representatives of the Independent Union in Science and Higher Education on Friday said that the teachers' strike was assuming a broader general nature and was receiving support from a growing number of citizens.

They added that seven faculties were considering the possibility of non-teaching staff joining the strike until their demands are met.

“This strike and dissatisfaction of teachers, professors and non-teaching staff in the science sector is taking on a general nature. Public support is exceptionally large. People have recognised that this is an exceptional injustice that is being done only to the education and science sector,” the president of the union’s Grand Council, Igor Radeka, told a press conference.

He added that the dissatisfaction in certain union branches is so enormous that they want even more radical action.

“Yesterday we gave approval in our central body to support several institutions and non-teaching and teaching staff to strike until their demands are met,” Radeka said without specifying which institutions he was referring to.

Employees in higher education are striking on Friday and Monday. Radeka said that they would strike once a week however, the option has been left open for those who want to, to strike more often.