Plenkovic announces state of nation address for November 4

NEWS 21.10.2020 16:48
Source: Unsplash (ilustracija)

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Wednesday that the government would soon prepare a draft revised budget and that the parliament would convene on 4 November to discuss the revised budget for 2020 and a new budget for 2021 and that he would also hold a state of nation address.

Considering the debt to drug wholesalers and their threat to suspend deliveries to hospitals, Plenkovic said that Monday’s meeting with their representatives was one in a series of meetings, and they were given a rational, commonsensical and clear message.

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric informed them that currently we have some funds available to pay them, Plenkovic said.

Maric had offered to pay HRK 200 million to the drug wholesalers before the budget revision.

Plenkovic explained that drug wholesalers were told that the government would revise the budget and prepare a new budget which is expected to free more funds debt repayment.