Health Minister orders mobilisation of public health system

NEWS 27.10.202014:18

Health Minister Vili Beros has called for total mobilisation of the entire public health system in Croatia in response to the current situation with coronavirus.

“As the minister of health I have ordered full mobilisation of the entire public health system in Croatia. This is the time in fact for us to show our true commitment to our calling,” Beros posted on his Facebook profile on Tuesday.

The current situation with coronavirus compels everyone in the health system to extraordinary engagement from primary health care physicians, emergency health services, the institute for public health and all hospitals that are caring for the ill, he added.

In the past 24 hours Croatia has recorded 1,413 new cases of coronavirus infections. Also 18 COVID patients have died, which is the highest number of the COVID-related fatalities in one day to date since the outbreak of the epidemic.

There are currently 11,311 active cases in Croatia, 897 of whom are in hospital treatment and 57 are on ventilators.

Preparations are currently underway to convert the Zagreb Arena hall into a field COVID hospital patients. The facility has about 400 beds however its capacity can be increased if necessary.