Croatia registers 1,595 new cases of coronavirus, 71 deaths

NEWS 22.12.2020 12:30
Source: Ilustracija

In the pat 24 hours 1,595 new cases of coronavirus have been registered in Croatia after more than 9,000 tests have been conducted, while 71 people have died as a consequence of COVID-19, the national COVID response team said on Tuesday.

There are currently 2,895 patients in hospital treatment and 294 of them are on ventilators.

Since the first case of coronavirus was detected in Croatia, a total of 197,323 cases have been registered and 3,328 people have died.

A total of 178,880 people have recovered from the disease, with 2,514 recovering in past 24 hours.

There are currently 15,115 active cases in the country and 48,166 people are in self-isolation.

A total of 964,313 persons have been tested since the outbreak of the disease in March, including 9,088 in the past 24 hours.