Constitutional Committee publishes call for the appointment of ten constitutional judges

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The Committee on the Constitution, Standing Orders and Political System has published a call for applications to fill ten vacant positions of constitutional judges whose term of office expired on 7 June. Pročitaj više

Under the Constitution, the term of office of the current judges will be automatically extended until 7 December 2024. Nominations can be made within 30 days of the announcement and are aimed at prominent Croatian jurists with at least 15 years of professional experience or 12 years with a PhD.

The judges whose terms of office have expired are Andrej Abramovic, Ingrid Anticevic-Marinovic, Snjezana Bagic, Branko Brkic, Mario Jelusic, Lovorka Kusan, Josip Leko, Davorin Mlakar, Rajko Mlinaric and Miroslav Sumanovic. The term of office of the President of the Constitutional Court, Miroslav Šeparovic, and the judges Mato Arlovic and Goran Selanec runs until October 2025.

The selection process aims to appoint respected individuals who are recognised for their legal expertise and contribution to society. The judges are appointed by a two-thirds majority of Parliament for a term of eight years.

The opposition: New constitutional judges must be professionally and publicly respected

Following the announcement, members of the opposition have emphasised that judges with integrity and a good professional reputation are needed.

Tonci Restovic from the Social Democratic Party (SDP) stated that the new judges must be respected personalities who are known in professional circles and in public. He emphasised that they should be people who have proven themselves in the fight for the protection of human rights and have a solid reputation in society. Restovic also called for a balanced selection process and suggested that the agreement between the majority and the opposition should be “50-50”

Sandra Bencic from the Mozemo party said that the criteria for the election of constitutional judges had been discussed, emphasising the need to avoid past mistakes.

She emphasised that candidates must be both professionally and publicly recognised and should not have serious legal or ethical problems. Bencic called for quality candidates who have not been involved in scandals or misconduct and who have a credible professional reputation. She urged those who want a better and stronger Constitutional Court to apply.

The Most party proposes limiting the term of office of constitutional judges to one term

Anka Mrak-Taritas from the GLAS party echoed this sentiment and expressed her dissatisfaction with some of the court’s decisions in the past, particularly in the area of human rights and the rights of national minorities. She emphasised that the new judges must have an impeccable biography and present a positive image of Croatia.

Mrak-Taritas recalled previous incidents in which judges were associated with corruption or other unethical behaviour and stressed that such incidents must not be repeated.

Nikola Grmoja from the Most party, who did not attend the opposition meeting, said that his party called for judges with integrity and professional competence, free from political influence. He suggested limiting the term of office of constitutional judges to a single term and ensuring that they have not been politically active for at least five years.

Grmoja emphasised the need for judges who protect the constitution and not party interests. He spoke in favour of a judiciary that upholds the rule of law and constitutional principles.

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