HUP: Hospitals’ debts to drug wholesalers reach 600 million euros, urgent need for action

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The Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) has warned of the "historically" highest debts of hospitals to drug wholesalers and called on the responsible authorities to ensure security of supply and protect more than 3,500 jobs. Pročitaj više

“We warn of the historically largest debts of hospitals to wholesalers of medicines and medical consumables, which amount to 600 million euros as of 31 May, while the debts due exceed 400 million euros. In the last five months alone, debts have increased by 200 million euros, which seriously threatens the economic viability of pharmaceutical wholesalers,” explained the HUP Association of Drug Wholesalers in a press release on Tuesday.

It pointed out that such a high level of debt requires an urgent response from the responsible authorities. It called for the immediate payment of debts due and systematic measures to prevent their further increase.

The current situation often leads to difficulties in the supply of medicines and medical products. Croatian drug wholesalers, as a responsible actor in the Croatian healthcare system, have ensured the supply of patients for years, but now the limits of their capacity have been reached. This is the final warning and an appeal for an urgent solution to this untenable situation,” said the association.

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