MEPs pass resolution calling for same-sex marriages to be recognized across EU

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A majority of members of the European Parliament on Tuesday endorsed a draft resolution seeking the recognition of same-sex marriages and registered partnerships in all EU countries. Pročitaj više

The draft was endorsed by 387 MEPs, 161 voted against, and 123 abstained.

The resolution says same-sex spouses and partners should be treated equally as heterosexual ones, and that marriages and partnerships concluded in one EU member state should be recognised in all.

Of the Croatian MEPs, the draft was endorsed by Biljana Borzan, Predrag Matic and Tonino Picula of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and Valter Flego of the Istrian Democratic Party. Independent Mislav Kolakusic and conservative Ladislav Ilcic voted against, while Suncana Glavak, Karlo Ressler, Tomislav Sokol and Zeljana Zovko of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) abstained.

Ivan-Vilibor Sincic (Human Shield) did not vote as he was in Rome, and Romana Jerkovic (SDP) could not because of technical difficulties, but her office told Hina that she “supports this resolution.”

Speaking to Hina, Matic said the adoption of the resolution was a “civilisational achievement”, while Flego said it was unacceptable that LGBTIQ rights were being reduced instead of advanced in many countries, and that it was time to “finally give everyone equal rights.”

Ilcic told Hina the resolution “is consciously trying to equate the legal status of same-sex couples in all member states, thus negating the right of the states to independently decide which unions they will recognize and which they won’t.”

“That would mean that the whole EU must follow the most liberal states to avoid alleged discrimination, which is absurd, contrary to the treaties and the subsidiarity principle,” he said, adding that the LGBT lobby was exerting enormous pressure on the European institutions.

The resolution also calls on the European Commission to take action against Romania, Hungary and Poland for violating LGBTIQ rights and fundamental EU values.