Official: Covid situation stable, we are not introducing new measures

NEWS 22.09.202313:46 0 komentara

The epidemiological situation in Croatia related to Covid-19 is stable, there are enough vaccines and no new epidemiological measures are being introduced for now, the director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak, said today, commenting on the increase in new cases in Europe. Pročitaj više

“We have a stable epidemiological situation related to Covid. Since the beginning of August, the number of newly discovered cases has increased somewhat, but the number of hospitalizations and deaths has not significantly increased,” Capak told reporters ahead of the “Plan for the Heart” expert meeting.

He added that there are three new strains circulating in the world that have significant mutations on the spiked protein of the virus, which allows them to avoid the immunity acquired by infection or previous vaccination. Because of this, Europe is also facing an increase in the number of patients, but this is still not a cause for concern, Capak said.

He also recalled that a new, adapted vaccine against Covid has arrived in Croatia.

According to data published on Monday, 237 new cases of the infection were recorded in Croatia in the last seven days, as were 373 active cases.

In the last seven days, 14 people infected with Covid died, and 65 people are in self-isolation.

In the past week, only 19 doses of the vaccine were administered in Croatia, including four people who were vaccinated with the first dose.