Plenkovic to talk to the candidates for the ministerial office

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Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic announced that he will continue talks with ministers, new ministerial candidates and coalition partners on the formation of a new government from Monday, although he did not want to talk about the names of the new ministers. Pročitaj više

“As far as I am concerned, the composition of the government will be announced when we agree on everything. All this speculation you have heard in recent days may be interesting for you, but it is largely useless. So allow me, as prime minister–designate, and this is the third time in a row that I have done so, to do the talking. It is best if we speculate as little as possible, then there will be more satisfied and far fewer dissatisfied people,” Plenkovic said on Saturday in the Istrian town of Poreč.

He did not want to answer the question of whether there will be a change in the Foreign Ministry, as has been speculated in the media.

What is known so far is that Ivan Malenica will certainly not be in the new government. There is speculation that the mayor of Velika Gorica, Kresimir Ackar, could take over the Ministry of Tourism, but everything is on an unofficial level in the personnel crossword puzzle.

“Apart from the fact that I will definitely keep Marija Vuckovic and Damir Habijan in the government, I have not spoken to anyone about anything else. Minister of Culture Nina Obuljen-Korzinek will definitely stay. She will stay 100 per cent, because she is great. Nina has been with me since day one,” Plenkovic said last week.

Kakvo je tvoje mišljenje o ovome?

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