Police press charges against Czech national over Bilisane explosion

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The police in the coastal city of Zadar have pressed charges against a 46-year-old Czech national involved in an explosion which occurred in Bilisane in the Zadar hinterland and in which a 9-year-old child was killed and two women were severely injured. Pročitaj više

In line with a previously agreed tour plan, the 46-year-old Czech national arrived with his family and friends, all Czech nationals, in the area of Knin on 19 June, and there he entered the premises of a military range with the child, despite a clearly visible sign in English and Croatian prohibiting entry, and allowed the child to take an explosive device it discovered there and put it in his car.

A while later, due to a car breakdown, the driver had to pull over, which is when the child took the explosive device out of the car and at one moment, it went off, killing the child on the spot and seriously injuring two women, aged 49 and 34, while a man, aged 39, sustained light injuries.

The injured passengers were taken to the Zadar General Hospital. The two injured women are still there while the man who sustained light injuries has been released in the meantime.

The 46-year-old Czech national who drove the car has been charged with a serious crime against general security.

An investigation into the case is underway.

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