Production of pigs, cow’s milk, eggs down in 2022

NEWS 27.09.202311:28 0 komentara
Unsplash / Ilustracija

There was an increase in cattle farming in 2022 but decreases were recorded in pig farming and the production of cow's milk and eggs, Croatian Bureau of Statistics data show. Pročitaj više

Last year, pig farming saw a 3% annual decrease to 172,243 tonnes. The number of piglets brought forth decreased by 203,000 head (-12.8%). As regards foreign trade, the export of pigs of all categories was lower than in 2021, by 4.6% to 349,000 head, while import increased by 6.1% to 658,000 head.

In 2022, as compared to the previous year, the increase of cattle was 11.5% to 91,586 head, while the number of calves brought forth decreased by 5,000 head (-4.1%). The export of cattle increased by 11.1% to 80,000 head, while import decreased by 6.2% to 152,000 head. The production of cows’ milk decreased by 6.3% to 507.2 million litres.

Production in sheep farming increased by 1.3% to 10,654 tonnes, while the number of lambs brought forth increased by 0.4%. The production of sheep’s milk increased by 7.3% to 5.6 million litres.

The increase of goats was 0.8% lower than in 2021, while the number of kids brought forth decreased by 3.6%. The production of goats’ milk decreased by 7.2% to 6.5 million litres.

A decrease of 9.4% to 666.97 million was recorded in the production of hens’ eggs, while the production of eggs of other poultry increased by 50.3% to 789,000.