Radic: Agreement on government programme still possible this week

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The deputy leader of the Domovinski pokret (DP) party, Mario Radic, said on Monday that it would be possible to present the government programme by the end of the week. The government will be composed of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the DP, and the party committees will try to speed up the processes. Pročitaj više

“It is possible that this will happen this week. We have said that we will speed up all processes. Our and their party bodies will try to finalise some things today and continue negotiating at lower levels so that we can be more efficient tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” Radic told reporters after the meeting of the future coalition partners on the new government’s programme.

He was responding to the question of whether the HDZ and DP will agree on and present a joint government programme by the end of this week after the meeting of the DP delegation at the Government House.

He did not want to give any details until the negotiations are finalised, but pointed out that not everything that is said in public and in the media is correct.

“We know that this is a process in which both sides must be satisfied. We must have a programme that both we and the HDZ can implement,” said Radic.

As for the personnel issues, he reiterated that he was not interested in the post of Minister of Economy.

“I have said several times that I will not be the Minister of Economy in order to break my word now. When I say something publicly, I stand by it,” Radic concluded.

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