Sovereignists push for compulsory voting, single constituency for entire country

NEWS 03.06.202314:32 0 komentara

The Croatian Sovereignists party advocates the introduction of mandatory voting for all adult Croatians and the organisation of Croatia as a single constituency, according to the agenda this conservative right-wing Opposition party presented in Zagreb on Saturday. Pročitaj više

Apart from pushing for the participation in elections as a compulsory civic duty this parliamentary party also insists on demographic incentives, such as universal child allowance so that families with children receive them regardless of whether parents work and whatever their income, a national scheme for stay-at-home parents and stimulation of the return of Croatian expats, the party’s leader Marijan Pavlicek, said at the presentation of the party’s programme for the elections in 2024.

The party is also for the establishment of a ministerial department for the Diaspora.

Drano Čirko presented the party’s position that the lawmakers, elected as ethnic minorities’ parliamentary deputies, should not be included in voting on the government, the state budget and amendments to the Constitution.