Huawei presents state-of-art 5G solutions

NEWS 28.10.202006:49

Huawei presented its 5G solutions to the Croatian public for the first time on Tuesday, using the virtual "Galileo Exhibition Hall".

During the virtual event, the key features of the 5G mobile technology, including its high permeability and great capacity for connectivity, as well as 5G solutions including intelligent vehicle technologies, smart factories, drones and new media, were presented.

The director-general of Huawei Croatia, Zhang Heng, said that Huawei wanted to help the European Union and Croatia achieve digital sovereignty.

We are committed to digital transformation and as a leader in the development of technology we give our contribution to the Croatian economy, the director-general said.

Being present on the Croatian market for 13 years, we are proud to say that 30% of Croatian citizens use Huawei telecom equipment and smartphones in their everyday communication, he added.

Currently, the company employs 40 people in Croatia.

In the country, Huawei has developed good cooperation with telecom operators, industrial companies and associations.

In 2018, the company paid HRK 105 million in taxes, and 141 million in 2019, while in the first half of 2020, the amount of taxes paid by Huawei to Croatia was HRK 72 million.

Huawei is providing products and services for more than 1,500 communication networks in more than 170 countries worldwide.