Belgrade most polluted city on Saturday, AirVisual measurements show

REUTERS/Marko Đjurica

Belgrade residents are breathing the most polluted air on Saturday, according to the AirVisual air quality measurement system.

Despite the sunny weather and clear skies, the AirVisual’s measurements showed that the air in the Serbian capital was “unhealthy” surpassing even Beijing, Delhi, Jakarta and Lahore, known for high pollution rate.

Among the most polluted cities were also Sarajevo and Skopje, with moderately polluted air, which the system assessed as “unhealthy for sensitive groups.”

According to the Environment Protection Agency, which monitors the air quality in Serbia and whose data are used by the AirVisual system, the situation is the words in Belgrade’s neighbourhoods of Stari Grad, Novi Beograd and Mostar interchange, with a high concentration of PM10 particles.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) assessed the air quality in Belgrade on Thursday as threatening for health.