Ryanair to reopen its base in Zadar and introduce 11 new lines

NEWS 11.12.2019 17:40
Source: N1

The Irish low-tariff airline Ryanair said on Wednesday that in 2020 it would restore its base in Zadar and introduce 11 new lines, predicting a 50% increase in the number of passengers.

The Zadar base will consist of three planes of Laudamotion, the Austrian low-tariff airline owned by Ryanair, which should help create 90 jobs, it was said at a news conference held by Ryanair and Zadar Airport officials.

The Irish airline had a base in Zadar until late 2018 and the company will again rent its old premises.

As regards the 2020 summer timetable, which goes into force in April, Ryanair will operate 31 lines at Zadar Airport and the new lines include the European destinations Aarhus, Bremen, Cork, Paris, Gdansk, Kaunas, Liverpool, Maastricht, Riga, Toulouse and Wroclaw.

Ryanair estimates that in 2020 it will transport 672,000 passengers, a 50% increase, which is expected to generate around 490 jobs in various services at Zadar Airport.

Ryanair executive director Eddie Wilson said that as of now Zadar residents and their guests could plan travel to 31 destinations in Europe until October 2020.

As of December 12, tickets will be sold at a promotional price of €21.99 for flights in May and June 2020.

Zadar Airport director Josip Klismanic said the return of Ryanair’s base to Zadar with three aircraft was a major sign of recognition for Zadar as an airport and a destination.