Croatia gets first its female Attorney-General

NEWS 18.05.2020 14:53
Source: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL

Croatia's parliament on Monday appointed Zlata Hrvoj-Sipek as the new Attorney-General with 80 lawmakers voting for her appointment while 40 were against.

Hrvoj-Sipek has until now served as Deputy Attorney-General. The government nominated her after interviewing six candidates who had applied for the job. The position became vacant in February when Attorney-General Drazen Jelenic resigned following revelations of his membership in a Masonic lodge.

Hrvoj-Sipek has been employed in the country’s prosecutorial authority (DORH) since 2000.

Before its expected dissolution, the 9th parliament appointed Ivana Jakir-Bajo, who to date served as assistant finance minister, as the central bank’s new vice-governor. She will assume this new office on 1 July.