Coric: Milanovic cabinet did almost nothing for citizens facing enforcement

NEWS 21.10.2020 11:14

Economy Minister Tomislav Coric said on Tuesday that when President Zoran Milanovic was prime minister, his "government did almost nothing for citizens facing debt enforcement."

He was commenting on the president’s call for extending a moratorium on enforcement proceedings.

“In the past few years, we have done everything to protect citizens with frozen accounts,” Coric told the public broadcaster, adding that their number “has been reduced by about 100,000.”

He said local governments and many state-owned companies had written off those citizens’ debts and that the enforcement law as well as other laws had been amended to facilitate the position of debtors.

Coric said the government was focused on retaining jobs in the real sector and companies’ liquidity, “on making sure that our businesses survive this very difficult time.”

He said Croatian Employment Service and Croatian Pension Insurance Institute data showed that “we have been successful in doing that” and that last Friday the number of insurees “was 3,000 times higher” than in February.

Speaking of the latest measures designed to help the enterprise sector weather the Covid crisis, to be in force until the end of the year, Coric said they would be extended if necessary.

Asked where the money would come from, he said the public debt was increasing after decreasing for three years.

He said this year saw an economic downturn and public debt growth but that this should not worry anyone. “With its credit rating, Croatia can borrow and service the need for liquidity both on the domestic and foreign markets.”

Asked how long the state could endure with such job retention measures, he said, “The state can endure.”

As for regulating Sunday work, Coric said new trade and labour laws could be expected in the first quarter of next year.