Acting Zagreb mayor rejects allegations about documents being destroyed

NEWS 05.03.2021 21:04
Source: N1

Acting Mayor of Zagreb Jelena Pavicic-Vukicevic said on Friday that the allegations that the documents in the city administration and the city's multi-utility conglomerate Zagreb Holding are being destroyed en masse were malicious, attributing this to smearing in the local election campaign.

“We know that the campaign has begun and that there will be various imputations… I hope that we know what our mission is — and that is to serve our fellow citizens,” Pavicic-Vukicevic said commenting on the claims of MP Sandra Bencic of the We Can! platform that documents in the city administration and Holding are being destroyed en masse these days following the death of mayor Milan Bandic.

Pavicic-Vukicevic said that every document that entered the city administration had its class and registration number and that she really did not know “how we can destroy a document in the 21st century so that it’s simply gone”.

“On the other hand, we are in the digital age, most documents come by e-mail. Even if someone would destroy a document — I don’t know if it’s even possible given today’s technology,” she said.


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