Coalitions led by the HDZ and the SDP spent the most on the election campaign

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The HDZ coalition, the relative winner of the parliamentary election, spent the most on the election campaign, followed by the coalition led by the Social Democratic Party, Rivers of Justice, Most, Domovinski pokret (DP), Mozemo, Fokus/Republika, Istrian Democratic Party and Independent Democratic Serb Party. Pročitaj više

The HDZ and its partners spent just over 2.1 million euros on the election campaign, with around 2 million euros being spent on the election campaign in the ten constituencies in Croatia and the rest in constituency 11 for the diaspora. In none of these constituencies did the coalition exceed the permissible limit of €199,084 per constituency.

Rivers of Justice spent €1.6 million on the election campaign in the ten constituencies in Croatia.

In financial terms, the HDZ coalition ended the campaign with a balanced budget, as income equalled expenditure, while the SDP coalition ended with a surplus of €266.

Deficit for most parties

The coalition of Most, Croatian Sovereignists, Croatian Conservative Party and Independent Youth List recorded a deficit of €151,700. The coalition had €461,000 at its disposal for the election campaign and its expenditure totalled €613,000.

The Domovinski pokret (DP) party ended the election campaign with a deficit of almost €20,000. Its income totalled €534,000, while expenditure amounted to €553,000.

The Mozemo party ended the election campaign with a balanced budget. Its expenditure totalled €495,000 and was therefore in line with its income.

The Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) recorded a deficit of €8,500, as it received €99,800 for the election campaign but spent €108,000. The party competed in constituency 12, where the members of the national minority are elected.

The Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) spent €162,500 on the election campaign in constituencies 7 and 8. As its income totalled €174,000, the party achieved a surplus of €11,200.

Matija Posavec’s Independent Platform North, which only contested in constituency 3, ended the election campaign with a deficit of €16,000 after receiving €31,000 and spending €47,000.

The Fokus party, which ran in a coalition with Damir Vandjelic’s Republika in 11 constituencies, recorded a deficit of €25,500. It spent €330,000 on the election campaign, while its income totalled €305,000.

Donors favoured the HDZ and its partners the most

All parties and coalitions that ran in the parliamentary election on 17 April had to submit their financial reports to the State Electoral Commission by midnight on 17 May. All parties and coalitions elected to the 11th Croatian parliament complied with this legal obligation.

The financial reports show that donors once again favoured the HDZ and its partners the most. A total of 658 donors paid €790,000 into their election accounts.

The law allows companies to donate up to €26,544 to a political party, an independent list or a candidate for the election campaign, while individuals can contribute up to €3,981.

The Rivers of Justice coalition received around €169,000 from 184 donors. The Mozemo party received €43,400 in donations, while the DP received €18,400 from 14 donors.

The state will pay the parties and coalitions that were elected to parliament €2.7 million as reimbursement of election costs.

This is how much the state pays for every seat won

For every seat won, the state will pay €17,918. This means that the HDZ, which won 61 seats with its partners (HSLS, HDS, HSU, HNS), is to receive almost €1.1 million.

The parties of the Rivers of Justice coalition (SDP, Centar, GLAS, HSS, DOISIP), which won 42 seats, should receive €753,000, the DP party with 14 MPs should receive €251,000, Most and the Sovereignists, who together won 11 seats, can expect €197,000, and Mozemo with ten seats should receive €179,000.

IDS and the Independent Platform North with two MPs each should receive €36,000 each and Fokus with one MP should receive €17,918.

Parties that received more than 5% of the valid votes in a constituency but did not win a seat in parliament are also entitled to state compensation of €2,987. This applies to the DP in constituency 3, Mozemo in constituencies 4 and 10 and Mozemo and Croatian Pulse in constituency 11.

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