Constitutional Court revokes bigger rights for members of representative unions

NEWS 23.05.202317:44 0 komentara

The Constitutional Court on Tuesday repealed a Labour Act provision under which some material rights could be increased via collective agreement for members of the unions which negotiated the agreement. Pročitaj više

The Court finds the provision discriminatory against non-unionists and members of non-representative unions and thereby contrary to the Constitution.

Last week, Labour Minister Marin Piletic and union representatives signed addenda to collective agreements for public sector and state administration employees on a €300 increase in the holiday bonus for unionists and a €250 increase for employees who are not in a union.

Piletic said the representative unions had asked that their activity be valorized through somewhat bigger material rights for their members.

Asked about the constitutional complains filed for discrimination against those not in representative unions, he said that if the Constitutional Court found the provision unconstitutional, it would no longer apply.

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