Croatia ranks 5th in EU according to number of incoming court cases

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The latest EU Justice Scoreboard report shows that in 26 European Union member states, Denmark ranks first in terms of the number of incoming cases at courts per 100 inhabitants, and Austria, Slovenia, Poland and Croatia also make top five, according to an article by Vecernji List (VL) on Saturday. Pročitaj više

Thus, according to the European Commission’s report on the EU Justice Scoreboard, concerning the efficiency of the judiciary, in Denmark there were 42 incoming cases of all categories at courts per 100 inhabitants, Austria follows with 35 cases, then Slovenia, Poland and Croatia have 29, 28 and 26 cases per 100 inhabitants respectively.

The rankings did not include Germany.

Concerning the civil/commercial cases per 100 inhabitants, Romania tops the ranking with 6.5 cases, then Belgium and Croatia follow (6.1 and 3.3 cases).

Backlog cases

At the end of 2021, only Poland had more pending cases per 100 inhabitants than Croatia, 8.5 as against Croatia’s 7.8.

The daily newspaper comments that the data show that Croats are inclined to burden courts with their cases.

Concerning the duration of dealing with the cases, Croatia ranks 14th, with 120 days.

Concerning the perception of independence of courts, in Croatia courts enjoy the poorest perception, while in Finland, Denmark, Austria and Germany the judiciary enjoys best perception.

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