Croatia so far approved aid in amount of €160 mn to Ukraine

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The Croatian government has so far approved aid to Ukraine in the total amount of €160 million of which as much as 77% refers to military aid, the Jutarnji List daily wrote on Sunday.

The response of the European Union member states to the Russian invasion of Ukraine was fulgurant. The first decisions on sending financial and humanitarian aid, as well as the decision to open the borders of the bloc for all persons who had to leave their homes due to the Russian attack, were made by EU members immediately after the troops of Russian President Vladimir Putin launched brutal aggression against the neighboring country on 24 February, 2022.

Croatia, just like the rest of the EU member states, immediately sent to Ukraine trucks loaded with food, medicine, medical equipment, hygiene supplies. It provided assistance the reception of and care for Ukrainian refugees and donated a very wide range of equipment and materials – from medical supplies to firefighting equipment to the mine detectors.

Finally, as a member of NATO and the European Union, Croatia immediately pledged to send significant military aid to Ukraine that was under attack. According to official figures that Jutarnji List received from the government, it is military aid that makes up the largest part of Croatia’s total aid to Ukraine. Namely, the government has so far approved aid to Ukraine in the total amount of €160 million euros at the expense of the state budget. As much as 76.87 percent of that amount refers to military aid.

According to official data, the government has so far made five decisions on sending military aid to Ukraine in the amount of €123 million. “Given that these decisions are classified as ‘secret’ and ‘confidential’, we are unable to provide you with information on the type of military equipment,” sources in the government told the daily.

Along with military, humanitarian and financial aid, Croatia also helped the victims of Russia’s aggression by opening its borders. Since the beginning of the invasion, almost 23,000 refugees have entered Croatia and have been provided with accommodation, education and employment assistance. Also, all Ukrainian citizens residing in Croatia as displaced persons have the right to free health care, Jutarnji List wrote.

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