Croatian MEP: EU closer to creating pan-European e-citizen platform

NEWS 09.02.202317:47

The European Union has come closer to creating a pan-European e-citizen platform, Croatian MEP Romana Jerkovic said on Thursday after the European Parliament's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy adopted her report on the proposed update of the European Digital Identity Framework.

In June 2021, the European Commission proposed the introduction of a digital identity that would allow citizens to access public and private services using their mobile phones.

Under the proposed regulation, EU member states will offer their citizens and businesses digital wallets that will be able to link their national digital identities with proof of other personal attributes, such as driving licences, diplomas and bank accounts.

We are a step closer to creating a pan-European e-citizen. Citizens and businesses will be able to use the secure identification services referred to in this proposal to deal with their specific life situations and for different purposes, such as paying bills online, online shopping or accessing electronic health records, Jerkovic said.

The report highlighted digitalisation and raising the quality of public services, cutting red tape and facilitating the accessibility of public sector services to citizens.

The digital wallet will become a reliable, all-in-one identity gateway that puts citizens in full control of their own data and gives them the freedom to decide exactly what information to share, with whom, and when, Jerkovic said.