HGK retail section calls for ending ‘unfounded discrediting of retailers’

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The retail section of the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK) on Wednesday called for an end to unfounded criticism of the entire retail sector due to price increases, noting that retailers switched to the euro in accordance with the law. Pročitaj više

The HGK’s retail section said it is necessary to stop name-calling the entire retail sector because retailers implemented the conversion to the euro at the beginning of the new year in accordance with the Euro Adoption Act and the Guidelines for the Adjustment of the Economy in the Process of Replacing the Croatian Kuna with the Euro and adhered to the prescribed provisions and recommendations related to the conversion of prices, the HGK said in a press release.

Instead of calling out the entire sector, “it is important to determine possible irregularities in the market and to point out and sanction those who are found accountable for violations,” the HGK added.

The chamber also noted that strong inflationary pressures have been present in the domestic and European economies since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, which retailers, as the final intermediaries in the supply chain, can influence the least.

The HGK called for a fact-based transparent dialogue and discussion, with respect for all stakeholders, so as not to lose focus on all the advantages that entry into the eurozone and Schengen area brings to the Croatian economy and consumers.

A day earlier, the HUP Employers’ Association also said that they were unpleasantly surprised by threats expressed by Economy Minister Davor Filipovic, who declared the entire retail sector was dishonest.

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