Ina’s new management board appointed with Péter Ratatics as president

NEWS 28.09.2022 21:14
Source: Igor Kralj/PIXSELL

Ina's supervisory board on Wednesday appointed a new management board - Péter Ratatics as president and Berislav Gaso and Krisztián Pulay as members at Mol's proposal, and Miroslav Skalicki, Hrvoje Simovic, and Marin Zovko as members at the Croatian government's proposal, Ina said.

Before that, the supervisory board took note of the resignations of Mol’s members of Ina’s management board and dismissed the remaining members at the Croatian government’s proposal.

Ratatics, Gaso and Pulay were appointed until 30 June 2023, while Skalicki, Simovic and Zovko were appointed for a maximum six months, until the appointment of three management board members via a public call for applications.

Economy Minister Davor Filipovic told the public broadcaster tonight that the previous Croatian members of Ina’s management board Niko Dalic, Darko Markotic, and Barbara Doric were dismissed without the right to severance pay.

Ratatics was a member of Ina’s management board from 2011 to 2018 and knows the company’s business well, Ina said. Prior to his newest appointment in Ina, he served as consumer services executive vice president at Hungary’s Mol Group and chief operating officer at Mol Hungary.

Ina said that following his appointment as a member of the management board, Simovic resigned as a member of Ina’s audit board and that the supervisory board appointed Sanja Sever-Malis in his stead.

The supervisory board also took note of the results of an internal investigation in the Skugor case which are also available to the USKOK anti-corruption office.


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