Krsko nuclear power plant to undergo 32-day regular overhaul

NEWS 30.09.2022 17:58
Source: N1

The Krsko nuclear power station, based in the Slovenian town of Krsko and co-owned by Slovenia and Croatia, will undergo a regular overhaul as of 1 October to 2 November that will cost about a million euros, the management said at a news conference on Friday.

The overhaul includes regular refuelling outage and preventative maintenance of equipment.

The management board president, Stanislav Rozman, said that the NEK operated at full capacity during this summer despite the extreme drought and thus proved its resilience to weather circumstances.

The plant has contributed to the reliable functioning of the electricity generation system, said Rozman.

The Croatian power provider HEP, which owns a 50% stake in NEK Krsko, has stated that it will provide sufficient supplies of electricity also during the period of NEK’s disconnection from the grid.

This nuclear power station, located on the left bank of the Sava River ten kilometres off the Croatia-Slovenia border, has been in operation nearly 40 years.


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