Milanovic: Komsic does not speak on behalf of BiH and its citizens

NEWS 23.09.202311:38
Goran Kovacic/PIXSELL

President Zoran Milanovic criticised the speech the current chair of Bosnia and Herzegovina's tripartite presidency Zeljko Komsic delivered at the UN General Assembly as a bad speech that can trigger terrible ideas, the office of the Croatian president stated on Friday.

Milanovic also commented that Komsic cannot speak on behalf of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina or its citizens.

“What Komsic said in the UN is bad. Those statements can trigger terrible ideas among ignorant and uninformed people, and there are people not versed in the situation,” Milanovic said.

Among other things, he likened (Croatian Prime Minister Andrej) Plenkovic to Putin for criticising “an idiotic ruling” of the court in Strasbourg, Milanovic said.

In his address to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, Komsic, without explicitly mentioning any names, but evidently alluding to Plenkovic, likened him to Russian leader Putin for his comment on the judgement of the European Court of Human Rights in a complaint filed by Komsic’s advisor Slaven Kovacevic, who complained about being discriminated against because his right to participate in elections is restricted by his ethnicity.

Commenting on that judgement, Plenkovic said that regardless of it, one should insist on the legitimate representation of Croats in BiH government bodies.

“We have taken note of the judgement, but we reiterate very clearly that we will advocate the legitimate representation and equality of the constituent peoples and all the others who live in BiH. We are against the policy of imposing on the Croat people other representatives in the highest government bodies. That has repeatedly happened with the election of BiH Presidency members and has happened four times in the last 16 years,” Plenkovic said early this month.

Milanovic says in his comment that those judges in the Strasbourg court “are pretending to be peace-builders”.

He accused them of being included in coordinated action led by Komsic and his like-minded people from the international community.

Those judgements they deliver are “idiotic and dangerous” as they are in the function of changing the Dayton peace agreement, Milanovic said.

This paves the way to conflicts, he warns.

Furthermore, the judgement concerned compromises the rights of the three constituent peoples in Bosnia and Herzeogvina, he said.

The agreement of the three constituent people put en end on the (1992-1995) war, and we should adhere to it if we do not want conflicts to recur, Milanovic said advising against any actions that can be detrimental to a constituent people only in a bid to install someone in the presidency.

The judgement is seen by Milanovic as attempt to coerce Bosnia and Herzegovina into altering its Constitution.

It is impossible, there is no necessary majority for that, the Croatian president said.

He again accused the court in Strasbourg to be in collusion with Komsic and some politicians in Brussels in efforts to exert pressure on the three constituent peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina to change the constitution which they had reached after their suffering and sacrifices in the war.

This will not pass as long as I am politically active, said Milanovic.