Minister issues message on occasion of Croatian Armed Forces Day

NEWS 27.05.202312:12 0 komentara

War Veterans Minister Tomo Medved on Saturday issued a message of congratulation to members of the Croatian Armed Forces on the occasion of Armed Forces and Army Day, noting that once defenders of the homeland, Croatian soldiers have become protectors of peace around the globe. Pročitaj više

“We remember with pride 28 May 1991 and the ceremonial lineup of the National Guard Corps, the predecessor of the victorious Croatian Army, which reinforced the conviction of the Croatian people that we will make the dream of an independent and free Croatian state a reality,” Medved said in his message, recalling the leadership of the first Croatian President Franjo Tuđman and the sacrifice of defenders killed in the 1990s war.

The Croatian Army has grown into a modern armed force, ready to respond to all security challenges, with Croatian soldiers having turned from defenders of their homeland to protectors of peace around the globe, but primarily a guarantor of our security, the minister said.