MP Nino Raspudic: Constitutional Court is para-political body to be abolished

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The Constitutional Court's decision that President Zoran Milanovic cannot be a PM-designate has no basis in the constitution and laws, MP Nino Raspudic of Bridge said on Saturday, adding that the Court is a "para-political body... defining policies under the guise of tests of constitutionality." Pročitaj više

That is scandalous, he told the press, calling the Constitutional Court “the most shameful institution in Croatia” comprised of former HDZ and partly Social Democratic Party personnel.

Bridge has been saying for a long time that the Court should be abolished and its powers transferred to the Supreme Court, he added.

Raspudic said a photo Milanovic posted on Facebook yesterday, showing Constitutional Court president Miroslav Separovic with HDZ ministers Oleg Butkovic and Branko Bacic, was sad. “These are important political actors who had a prominent role in the (parliamentary election) campaign, like Butkovic, and then we see him with (Separovic) in a relaxed, summer setting.”

That is nothing new, he said, adding that he “can imagine them at night… in some weird night talks. We know what the Constitutional Court is, how it is elected, what decisions it makes and why it should be dissolved.”

Speaking of the election results and talks on the formation of a majority, Raspudic said Bridge was ready for a broad anti-corruption deal to send the HDZ to the opposition. In that, he added, Milanovic can’t be the prime minister-designate.

Raspudic said all who criticised the HDZ as a criminal and corrupt structure destroying Croatia, everyone from the Homeland Movement via the centre to the left, could reach that deal.

“We can’t have a left-wing government and we can’t have a government that would implement our policies, but we can find a common anti-corruption denominator to send HDZ into the opposition, to cut down the criminal corrupt octopus, and to cleanse the institutions.”

The option which makes the most sense is to have the most recognisable person as prime minister, who does not have to be from the party with the most seats in parliament, Raspudic said, adding that Bridge is for talks with everyone.

“We won’t prejudge, we should see who is willing to sit at the table, and this concerns first and foremost the eight (national) minority representatives. Will they go with the HDZ and most likely the Homeland Movement, which is evidently part of an earlier deal, or are they ready for change?”

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