NGO launches manual for whistleblowers

NEWS 09.12.202318:43 0 komentara

The Pomak NGO on Saturday launched a manual for whistleblowers on the occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day, observed on 9 December, which points to the legal steps that need to be taken to acquire the status of whistleblower. Pročitaj više

The manual will make it easier for whistleblowers to navigate through the many rules and procedures, Pomak president Adrijana Cvrtila said.

She did not have that privilege, she said, so she established this NGO to help others who decide to make a step toward a better society by uncovering corruption.

The electronic edition of the manual is available on Pomak’s website. The manual was issued as part of the NGO’s project “Let’s move Croatia – let’s create a stimulating environment for whistleblowers” from the EU-financed Impact4Values Programme. The project is co-financed by the government’s office for NGOs.

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