Opposition wants inquiry commission for INA energy company

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Social Democratic Party leader Pedja Grbin on Wednesday presented the opposition's proposal for forming an inquiry commission for the INA energy company, saying they do not want to investigate former executive Damir Skugor but see how many other things related to INA worked.

Speaking at the start of a parliamentary debate on the proposal, Grbin said the INA gas resale scam would not go away until all parts of the affair were cleared up.

Everything that became public after Skugor’s arrest, he added, warrants the question: Is that all, is that the end?

Grbin said the opposition was aware that an inquiry commission must not encroach on the work of the judiciary, but that it wanted many questions to be answered before the commission.

They include, he said, if the management model is adequate for ensuring Croatia’s energy interest, what the terms are for selecting independent and expert management personnel, to what extent the prime minister influenced the making of harmful decisions, specifically regarding the Sisak oil refinery, and which institutions knew about the crime but did not react.

You have delivered both the country and INA to those who gave the best price, (Hungarian PM) Viktor Orban and his regime, while dividing the country among other merchants and buyers, Sandra Bencic of the Green-Left Bloc told those in power.

The opposition is requesting the formation of a commission of inquiry to establish possible wrongdoing, obstructions, favouritism and political pressure on the management of oil and gas produced in Croatia, including illegal gains from trading in them for party and private purposes.

The inquiry would cover the government, the prime minister’s office, the economy and finance ministries, the HERA regulator, the JANAF oil pipeline operator, the HEP power company, the Plinacro gas transport system operator, the LNG Hrvatska company, and Hungary’s MOL.

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