PM: Croatian ambassador to Ukraine ordered to relocate from Kyiv to Lviv

NEWS 02.03.2022 11:04
Screenshot: HRT

Croatian ambassador to Ukraine, Anica Djamic, has left Kyiv and is currently "en route to Lviv," Prime Minister, Andrej Plenkovic, said on Wednesday.

“Given the deteriorating security situation in Kyiv and the attacks on Ukraine’s capital, yesterday I instructed our ambassador there, Anica Djamic, to leave the city,” Plenkovic told reporters.

Djamic is now being relocated to Lviv in the western part of Ukraine, where she will keep assisting Croatian nationals in the country and keep monitoring developments in the ongoing war. “She is fine, and we believe that in Lviv she will be safe,” Plenkovic said.

According to the Croatian foreign ministry, it is thought that there are still “between 30 and 50” Croatian nationals in Ukraine, down from more than a hundred who were there prior to the Russian invasion.


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