Report: Croatian women earn on average €900 less than men every year

NEWS 23.11.2022 11:06
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Source: Pexels/Ilustracija

The average monthly wage per employee in Q3 2022 was 7,888 kuna (€980) for men and 7,323 kuna (€971) for women, and thus the average net monthly net wage paid to women in Croatia was by 565 kuna (€75) lower than that paid to men, state news agency Hina said on Wednesday, citing publicly available data released by the state statistics bureau.

This means that the gender salary gap is €900 per year, i.e. men are paid nearly one extra salary per year, on average, compared to women.

The average salary in Q3 2022 was 7,626 kuna, up by 7.5 percent in nominal terms and down 4.4 percent in real terms year-on-year. The average net salary received by men increased by 7.6 percent, while for women, this rise was 7.4 percent.

The bureau did not release any data for non-binary persons.

The average gross salary in Q3 2022 was 10,741 kuna (€1,424) for men and 9,931 kuna (€1,317) for women, which means that on average men pay 810 kuna (€107) more than women every month into the state budget in the forms of taxes and social contributions, including payments into pension funds and the health care system.

This means that the gender tax payment gap is, on average, €1,284 per year.

Over the past 12 months, the average gross salary received by men increased by 8.7 percent, while the average gross salary of women increased by 8.3 percent. The most significant increase in average gross wages for men was by 16.3 percent in the activities of providing accommodation and the preparation and serving of food.

(€1 = 7.54 kuna)


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