Rimac Automobili: Porsche will increase its stake, but we remain independent

NEWS 02.03.202112:40 0 komentara
Igor Kralj/Pixsell

The stake of the Volkswagen unit Porsche in Rimac Automobili will rise, but it will not come close to 50 percent, the Sveta Nedelja-based Rimac Automobili company said on Tuesday, dismissing foreign media reports about Porsche's interest rising to just below 50 percent. Pročitaj više

On Monday, foreign media outlets reported that the Volkswagen unit Porsche was participating in a financing round of Rimac Automobili that would see the electric supercar maker raise 130 million-150 million euros ($157 million-$181 million). As a result, Porsche’s stake could increase to just below 50% in a deal that would also include the transfer of Volkswagen’s supercar brand Bugatti to Rimac, Automobilwoche said, according to Reuters.

However, today, Rimac Automobili sent a press release to Hina explaining that Porsche has been a shareholder in this Croatian company since 2018 and currently holds a 15.5% stake.

It is true that we are discussing the further expansion of this cooperation which will result in an increase of Porsche’s share in Rimac Automobili, however, some media outlets erred in reporting that Porsche would take over 50% or close to 50% of our company, Rimac Automobili stated.

We are very happy to see that our partnership with Porsche will strengthen. However, it is in the interes of both Rimac and Porsche that Rimac remains a fully independent company, the press release reads.

The press release also underscores that confidentiality is very appreciated in the industry and is a tenet of cooperation between companies.