Serbia and Turkey agree to recognize each other’s vaccination certificates

NEWS 13.05.2021 09:15
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Source: Unsplash/Ilustracija

Serbia and Turkey have agreed on the mutual recognition of Covid-19 vaccination certificates, allowing their vaccinated nationals to travel between the two countries with no restrictions as of May 14, the Serbian government said on Wednesday.

The agreement reached by Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic and Turkey’s Mevlut Cavusoglu means that traveling between Serbia and Turkey will not require a negative PCR test nor the otherwise mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

In addition, people under the age of 18 who have not been vaccinated yet will also be able to travel between the two countries without taking PCR tests or going into quarantine, provided that they are accompanied by family members who themselves can produce a vaccination certificate. Serbia and Turkey will also recognize each other’s immunity certificates, documents issued by their respective health authorities to people who have recovered from Covid-19.

A similar regime has been in force between Serbia and Hungary since April 30.

Serbia’s Minister for Trade and Tourism, Tatjana Matic, said earlier that starting on May 14 Greece would also recognize Serbian vaccination certificates of Serbian nationals, regardless of the vaccine they had received in their home country.

Before the pandemic and continent-wide lockdowns imposed in 2020, Greece, Turkey, and Montenegro were most popular holiday destinations for Serbian tourists. Serbia’s health authorities began issuing digital certificates on Wednesday to Serbian nationals confirming that they have been vaccinated against coronavirus, or have tested negative.

According to latest figures released by Our World in Data, Serbia has so far administered 3.8 million vaccine doses. It has one of Europe’s highest vaccination rates, with 24 percent of the entire population considered fully vaccinated.

In a bid to promote domestic tourism, Serbian government began issuing subsidized €40 vouchers in 2015 that can be claimed by pensioners, students, and other groups who otherwise couldn’t afford vacation. This year the government secured 100,000 vouchers and additionally financed another 20,000. The vouchers can be used in more than 2,000 resorts around Serbia until November 20.


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