Slovenia’s Pahor donates a beehive to Zagreb Zoo on his last official visit

NEWS 29.11.202220:21

Slovenia's outgoing President, Borut Pahor, presented a bee house to the Zagreb Zoo on Tuesday at the end of his visit to Croatia, the last state visit to a country in his second consecutive term in office.

Pahor underscored the importance of preserving nature and animals and their coexistence with humans and thanked his Croatian counterpart Zoran Milanovic for his hospitality. On 20 May 2017, the United Nations declared “World Bee Day” at Slovenia’s initiative in an effort to increase awareness of the importance of bees.

“The role of the Zagreb Zoo is to preserve biological diversity and protect endangered species,” Zoo director Damir Skok said and thanked Pahor and the Slovenian embassy in Croatia for the bee house, which is currently empty, but in the spring it will receive Kranj Carniolan bees, a native Slovenian variety.