State Inspectorate identifies price increases before euro adoption

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State inspectors carried out 696 inspections between 7 and 11 January this year, identifying 178 cases in which prices were unjustifiably increased after 31 December and 67 violations of the Euro Adoption Act, according to preliminary data released by the Croatian State Inspectorate on Thursday. Pročitaj više

The State Inspectorate said that the results of 103 inspections were still being examined.

Of the total number of inspections, 398 were carried out by market inspectors, including 154 inspections of service providers, 173 inspections of retailers and 71 inspections of bakers’ shops.

Market inspectors identified 51 cases of the unfair business practice of price increasing, including 29 cases in services, 14 cases in bakers’ shops and eight in other retail trade.

Hairdressing and body care services were found to have increased in price by up to 20% on average and in some cases by as much as 50%.

Chicken, poultry, smoked sausage, water, juice and eggs are among the products that have gone up in price by up to 13% since 31 December. Prices of bread and other bakery products have increased by up to 15% on average and in some cases by up to 30%.

Of the total number of inspections which identified price increases (51), 40 businesses restored prices to the level of 31 December 2022 during the inspection.

At the same time, tourism inspectors carried out 298 inspections and found that 127 hospitality establishments (42.6%) unjustifiably increased their prices on 1 January 2023 by between 0.5% to 15% on average and in some cases by between 16% and 43%. During the inspection 22 establishments returned their prices to the level of 31 December.

Businesses found to be in violation of the Consumer Protection Act face a fine of between €1,327.2 and €26,544.5, persons responsible in the legal entities in question face a fine of between €1,327.2 and €1,990.8, while a natural person/retailer faces a fine of between €663.6 and €1,990.8, the State Inspectorate said.

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