Survey: Croatians save €70 per month, four times less than Austrians

NEWS 27.10.2022 14:16
Source: Unsplash / Andre Taissin

Croatians, on average, save 527 kuna (€70) per month, or 22 kuna (€3) less then in 2021, a recent survey showed, with 41 percent of respondents saying they were happy with the amounts they save.

The findings of the survey, conducted by the IMAS pollster on a sample of 500 respondents in June and July for the Erste Group, also showed that men on average save 554 kuna (€74), and women 498 kuna (€66) per month.

Some 66 percent of respondents said they mainly save for unexpected expenses. Also, 44 percent said they saved to ensure financial independence for themselves and their families. Some 18 percent said they saved for their pension, and 10 percent reported they saved to fund education and training. About 23 percent said they saved in order to purchase a property or a car.

Croatians seem to be less inclined to save compared to neighboring countries – Austrians save €301 per month on average, while Czechs save €137 per month. In Hungary, the average saver saves €82 per month, while Serbians save €47.

(€1 = 7.53 kuna)


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