Tomasevic: I am convinced that Penava is also unacceptable for the SDP as speaker of parliament

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Tomislav Tomasevic from the Mozemo party said on Thursday that they would not support the leader of the Domovinski pokret (DP) party, Ivan Penava, as speaker of parliament if a so-called anti-corruption majority were to materialise. He added that the speaker should come from the Rivers of Justice coalition, as it won the most seats in the opposition.

We will support the Social Democratic Party’s plan to open the parliament with the election of a speaker, who should come from the SDP or the SDP-led Rivers of Justice coalition, as it won 42 seats, and then pass anti-corruption laws and hold new elections with equal rules so that they are fairer than the previous ones, Tomasevic said, commenting on the chances of forming a short-term, so-called anti-corruption majority in parliament, which the left is demanding.

The nomination of Penava for parliamentary speaker was proposed by Most.

Tomasevic said that it is not fair that a party that won seven seats, namely Most, nominates a speaker from a party that won 13 seats (Domovinski pokret), while the Rivers of Justice won 42 seats.

The Zagreb mayor and Mozemo coordinator said he was confident that Most’s proposal was “first and foremost unacceptable” to the SDP.

Tomasevic added that Most should ask how Vesna Vucemilovic, a member of the Croatian Sovereignists, would behave since she was elected to parliament in a coalition with Most and now says she will not be part of an anti-corruption majority with the leftists.

She “will obviously vote in favour of an HDZ-led majority,” he said, adding that this would mean “that Most has brought the HDZ to power for the third time”

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