Whistleblower: SDP government sold INA for $505 m when it was worth $30 bn

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Vesna Balenovic and Predrag Sekulic on Tuesday testified before the parliamentary anti-corruption council, and Balenovic said that she had been fired from INA in 2001 for pointing out thefts and that Racan's government had sold INA for $505 million to MOL despite the fact it had been worth $30 billion. Pročitaj više

The problems for INA and for me started — not with the HDZ unfortunately — but during the coalition government led by the SDP and the HNS parties, whistleblower Balenovic said before the National Council monitoring the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy.

She said that there had been a lot of thievery at the INA oil and gas company during the rule of the HDZ since she had done the business analyses of all employees and oil transport in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001.

However, she said in her extensive testimony, in 2000, when the coalition government led by the SDP came to power, the cost curve at INA skyrocketed between 500% and 1000%.

There was “ubiquitous thievery”, in the transportation of petroleum products, and the best possible profit at INA was in transportation. Billions and billions were made there, Balenovic said.

Noting that she had received threats for reporting wrongdoing, Balenovic said that she had also spoken about that to the then chairman of INA’s supervisory board, Deputy Prime Minister Slavko Linic, Prime Minister Ivica Racan, President Stjepan Mesic as well as Deputy Prime Minister Milanka Opacic, who had advised her to talk to the media, which she did through Slobodna Dalmacija daily.

However, Balenovic was then fired from INA. She claims that her fight has been going on for 22 years and that although the State Attorney’s Office (DORH) and the government have recognised her criminal complaint as founded, she still has not been returned to INA.

Whistleblower Balenovic also said in her statement that former State Attorney General Mladen Bajic should be held criminally accountable.

Sekulic: I found out from media about decision to close Sisak Refinery

The former president of the INA Workers’ Council, Predrag Sekulic, also testified before the anti-corruption council, saying in his extensive testimony that in the autumn of 2014, he had learned from the media about the decision to close the INA Refinery in Sisak, after which he was informed about it by the then executive director Tvrtko Perkovic.

He also noted that the team of workers who wanted to have the Sisak refinery continue working was then established and he had warned about behind-the-scenes games and the direction of the relations between INA and MOL, as well as about what would happen in the future.

Sekulic also said that the incumbent government had not considered the proposals that would save the refineries, nor the warnings he had sent due to increased imports from MOL.

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