Zagreb city departments to be scaled down from 27 to 16 in 2022

NEWS 28.12.2021 12:48
Source: N1

The number of city departments in Zagreb will be cut down from 27 to 16 in 2022, as part of the city administration overhaul, said the city mayor Tomislav Tomasevic at a news conference on Tuesday.

Those 16 departments will be led by acting directors until vacancies are advertised, Tomasevic said, announcing also a public call for applications for the head of the office for city asset management and for the spokesperson for the city administration.

Tomasevic highlighted the fact that the four-member management board of the Zagrebacki Holding multi-utility conglomerate had been selected following a public call for the first time.

The mayor expressed dissatisfaction with the pace of post-quake reconstruction in the city, notably of private properties.

He added that the city administration had demanded amendment of the relevant legislation and that the law on post-quake reconstruction had been changed.

There is no longer any alibi for the state not to start making the relevant decisions, the mayor added.


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