Stoltenberg: NATO is considering ways to help Turkey

NEWS 04.03.2020 21:55
Source: (ilustracija)

The Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg stated on Wednesday that NATO was considering the ways in which it could help Turkey, which is in conflict with Syrian and Russian forces in the north of Syria.

Turkey, a NATO member, expects the allies to help at the time of escalating conflicts in Idlib, a region in northwest Syria, where Turkish forces and the rebels supported by Turkey are fighting the Syrian army which is supported by Russia.

In the last few months almost a million people left the region.

Stoltenberg said that Patriot missile defence systems from Spain had already been set up throughout Turkey, that AWACS airplanes were patrolling the sky, and that NATO ships were coming into Turkish ports with higher frequency than usual.

We are constantly evaluating the situation and giving Turkey our support, Stoltenberg told the press. Turkey borders Iraq and Syria, and no ally has suffered more or experienced more violence than Turkey, he added.

The alliance’s chief arrived in Zagreb on Wednesday to participate in the meeting of EU member states defence ministers on the situation in Syria and on the Greek-Turkish border.

Stoltenberg thinks that these challenges are so enormous that no institution could face them alone, calling for a common solution for the challenges in Syria.