N1 in Izmir: A 3-y-o girl and dog saved after 65 hours under rubble

NEWS 02.11.2020 09:09
Source: N1

N1's Adisa Imamovic witnessed Turkish first responders save a three-year-old girl and a dog who have been trapped under the rubble in Izmir, after this city was struck by a devastating earthquake which toppled at least 17 residential buildings, trapping victims underneath.

According to Adisa Imamovic, 23 people were rescued from one rubble alone. The building she observed had 55 residents, 14 of which were previously pulled out. Upon her arrival, 18 people had been rescued and given first aid.

Apart from using mechanization, Turkey’s first responders are clearing out the rubble by hand, Families of those trapped under tons of concrete are not losing hope. Miracles do happen. A three-year-old girl had been rescued,” Adisa Imamovic said from Izmir, Turkey.

 Thousands have been left homeless following the devastating jolt. Near the scene of destruction, some 4,000 improvised tents were placed for the now-homeless to sleep in. Some are sleeping in parks, on benches waiting for their loved ones to be rescued under tons of concrete.