April’s average take-home pay €1,004, down 2.6% in real terms, up 6.6% nominally

NEWS 21.06.2022 13:21
Source: Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

The average take-home wage earned in Croatia in April 2022 totalled 7,547 kuna (€1,000), rising 6.6% in nominal terms and falling 2.6% in real terms in comparison to the average salary in April 2021, the national statistical office (DZS) reported on Tuesday.

Month on month, the average wage in April fell 0.8% nominally and 3.3% in real terms.

The median net pay in April was 6,290 kuna (€836), which means that half of the people employed earned wages below that amount and half earned wages above that amount.

The highest net wage in April was earned in the crude oil and natural gas exploration and exploitation, 24,082 kuna (€3,202), while the lowest, 4,862 (€646), was paid to the security guard jobs.

(€1 = 7.51 kuna)


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