Bosnia: If Schmidt imposes state property law, RS will secede, Dodik reiterates

NEWS 28.12.202315:21 0 komentara

If the "illegal Christian Schmidt" tries to impose a law state on property, Republika Srpska (RS) will immediately declare independence, said RS President Milorad Dodik.

Dodik said that the RS will not be unprepared, but will immediately declare independence without firing a single shot.

“We had a big preparatory meeting for such a situation,” said Dodik.

He stated that he has information that High Representative Schmidt will impose the law in January.

“If he announces it any day at, say, five o’clock in the afternoon, he must know that we will hold the Assembly session at 11 o’clock and declare independence. And that means independence in everything – a new financial system and a territory under the control of the RS. We will not prevent passages and movements,” the RS President said.

He added that the RS has no intention of building a Chinese wall, “nor difficult border crossings with the Federation (FBiH) entity unless it is forced to.”

“We don’t expect that anyone from the FBiH will be encouraged to attack the RS. And in such circumstances, we will assess how we will act. I expect EUFOR to stand on the inter-entity line and prevent contact,” he said.

Dodik added that “the Americans will be furious and will try to seek an intervention,” but that he believes the friends of the RS will not allow it.

“I am available to both local and international justice because I think we are right,” Dodik noted.

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