Bosnia: Wildfires threatening homes in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton

N1, Ilustracija

A fire that broke out in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina is now threatening homes in the inhabited area of Stolac municipality, the Civil Protection Agency in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton said on Tuesday.

The fire was first reported on August 6 but has reactivated Monday afternoon and spread towards the villages of Boljuni, Podkula, Zausje, Stupista, and Podosoje, threatening homes in the area.

Firefighters and locals are putting efforts into putting the fire out.

A fire was also reported on Monday evening in a forest in the southern Capljina municipality, spreading then to the inhabited area. The firefighters are still trying to put it under control.

The fires previously reported near the coastal town of Neum have been extinguished.

Minor fires were also reported on Monday around the towns of Mostar, Citluk, and Konjic but have been all put under control.