Bus driver arrested after ten killed in crash

NEWS 25.07.2021 16:21
Source: Ivica Galovic/PIXSELL

The driver of the bus which skidded off the road near Slavonski Brod this morning, as a result of which ten persons have been killed, has been taken into custody after an on-the-scene investigation, the Slavonski Brod deputy municipal prosecutor, Slavko Pranjić, told the press on Sunday.

Asked if the driver admitted that he had fallen asleep, which was why the vehicle skidded off the road, Pranjic said. “According to the information I have from the police on the scene, that’s what he claims, but the circumstances will continue to be established.”

Pranjic said the investigation was continuing to instigate criminal proceedings against the driver who, he added, was currently suspected of committing a crime against traffic safety with serious consequences.

As for what has been established in the on-the-scene investigation, he said the bus skidded off the road, that there were 69 passengers on board, ten were killed and so far 23 were established to have sustained serious or light injuries.


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